Easel for Kids

Easel for KidsWhen it comes to choosing the best easel for kids, there are a lot of different factors to consider. There are so many different ones to choose from it can seem difficult to make a choice. It can depend on the age of the child, the material used for construction and even whether the child wants a cartoon themed easel or not.

Price can also be a determining factor, but usually they are all within a reasonable amount. You may be letting your child make the choice or getting it as a gift. If you are buying a child an easel as a gift, you may want to get an idea of what you think they would like.

What’s Available?

Choosing an easel for children means making a selection from all that is available. Of course in order to do that you would need to have some idea of what’s out there on the market for you to select from.

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Here’s a quick rundown of some of the basics out there:

• Activity Center – For smaller children who may not want a full size children’s easel, you can find one that is more of a tablet sized table top easel. These types of small easels are often made up of a surface that can easily be wiped clean so your little artist can draw over and over again. It may even have magnetic pieces for your child to use for play time, as well as crayons, markers, stencils and even paint brushes. They come complete with storage drawers to keep everything organized.

• Dry Erase and Chalk Board – You may have either a dry erase board or a chalk board and in some instances each side will have one or the other. This is the perfect way for your young aspiring artist to have hours of drawing fun, without worrying about ruining the carpet or walls. For younger kids, this can also be a great tool for parents to use to teach their kids about letters and numbers.

• Standard Easel – The classic children’s easel is usually constructed of a wooden frame with a drawer or opening for kids to keep their creative tools. One side usually has a place for the paper and the other will be a chalk board or dry erase board. The trays are there to hold paints and other supplies to prevent messy spills. Your child can use clips to keep the paper in place while drawing, coloring or painting for hours of creative fun play time.

Keep in mind that any easel for kids can also make great a teaching aid as parents can use it to help show their children numbers, letters and words. Use this for your child to write out first words and sentences. Make your child’s free play time more constructive with the perfect easel.

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Art Pad for Kids

Art Pad for KidsImagine a shy little girl opening a birthday gift and finding one of the art pads for kids. The other children at her party separate into their little cliques and once again she is content to stand aside and watch the others play. The adults encourage her to play with the other little girls; the other little girls wave her over, but the girl is too shy to make a move. She doesn’t want to move. She cannot speak. She smiles and sits down, watching the kids enjoy her party. Sometime during the chaos of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and the call for cake and ice cream, she pulls the art pad over, grabbing a stubby pencil from the table. The girl sketches what she sees all around her. They are rough because she is young, but anyone can see that there is something magical happening here. (more…)

Face Painting Designs for Kids

Face Painting Designs for KidsCarnivals, fundraisers and other events that feature face painting designs for kids typically do just a little better at the end of the day, even if nothing is charged for the face painting itself. The kids see others going by with little tigers or sports logos on their face and they just have to have one, too. Mom and dad head over to the booth where the free face painting is going on and while they are standing there waiting for the kid to choose and then get his design, are staring at delicious cakes and cookies or beautiful arts and crafts. It doesn’t matter what is being sold at or near the booth, the longer the parents are standing there, the more likely they are to buy, especially at a charity event. It is simple psychology. (more…)